Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank You Bhusan Dai !!!

I was being bored by sultriness of the ordinary summer evening last year. Suddenly my cellphone beeped. It was Bhusan Dai other side. A happy and eccentric voice echoed in my ear - "Bhai, I am ecstatic today because of you. Thanks a million. My son read online the poem of mine that you rendered to Hindi and called me minute before. Thanks again."

"Its matter of pride for me Dai, to translate your poems. All I want is your blessing, that's all." I replied with all the gratefulness in my heart. Bhusan Dai's enthusiasm was obvious in his tone. Then I remembered the difficulty I encountered while rendering his poems into Hindi. Local imagery, cultural characteristics and unique poetic structures put me in limbo while I worked on it. Then an idea sparkled in my mind. I took the help of foot-notes. They helped me in two ways: I could keep poetic music and rhythm somewhat intact and at the same time explain things better in foot-notes. Thus the poem 'Shanti ra Kavita' was made 'Shanti aur kavita' and was published in e-zine Hindi Sahityasarita.

Bhusan Dai was ever encouraging factor. He spoke with unbelievable zeal and support for the writers or would be writers he believed who can excel in art and literature. He had clear vision of what literature art and literature should appear and what aspirants should look for in modern times. He always condemned mediocrity in all walks of life, be it lifestyle, stage delivery or poetry recital.

His comments on my story recital in Bani Prakashan, Biratnagar of which he was chairman have been eye-opener for me. In chairman's speech to conclude the program he said, "Kumud bhai, your stories are nice. But what I feel is they are too nice to feel. I think, if a story doesn't shake your heart it shouldn't be worth reading. Intellectual element is good, but if you forget to put emotions in your words readers will reject your stories. So take care."

One of the member of Bani Prakasan tried to interject by asking the rationale of conducting the story recital program of unpublished author. Bhusan dai immediately defended me by counter questions on authenticity of his literary value. My heart filled with gratitude. Later, in teashop conversation he said - 'Look Kumud, I have expectations from you. You are young and can view the world as well as life in multitude of ways. Every experience can be turned into story. I want to see you as good story writer.' I have saved his words in my heart.

Bhusan Dai was chief guest at the launch program of book of short stories by Tejendra Sharma of London. I had translated twelve of his Hindi stories into Nepali and named the book 'Passport ka Rangharu.' Bhsuan Dai after giving best wishes to Mr. Sharma and to me said, 'For every five stories you translate, write one yourself Kumud. I would like to see your collection of short stories soon.' It was Bhusan Dai's wish which I could fulfill. Last winter when I handed him my debut collection of short stories 'Tyo Pahenlo Phool' he had wide smile on his face.

I admit Bhusan Dai was my was one of my mentor. He had considerable capacity to mend apprentice writers. Everyone, whoever knew him have benefited in one way or the other. We have lost him.

Bhusan Dai, I thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for everything you did for us. You were icon of poets, artists, musicians and writers of all sorts. You'll forever rule our hearts. You'll always remain at the top. Thank You.


  1. Kumudji, you write well. One who thinks well can express well. Thumbs up! Krishnabhushan was a true man. He had a heart. And you have shown that.

    1. Thanks Dineshjee for wonderful words of appreciation.

  2. I wish late poet Krishnabhusan had not been dead. He would know that he had impressed not only young poets but also story writers like you. Then, he would have broader smile in his face. Anyway, it's your humility that you have shown gratefulness to your mentor even posthumously. I think his departed soul will rest in peace.

    1. Thanks Parshujee. I did show him respect and gratitude when he was alive. The difference is I did it verbally then.