Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thank You Rahma !!

I don't know exactly where and how in the world the threads of relationship are spun. How Supreme Creator weaves the lives of people with love. Rahma, I have my eyes full with tears as I write the post and I can't forget the tears in your eyes when we said good bye to you in Fikkal. I hugged you then and said, 'don't cry my daughter, don't.' But you know I had a very difficult time hiding my own tears from you and others. You became a part of our family. You became our daughter; we became your baba and mamu; and all it began. When we left you in the bus I felt a lump of flesh from my heart has come to my throat and it was choking me.

Rahma, I remember very well the moment when I saw your photo with Neha shot in Aitabare. We were totally unknown to each other. Our homes were thousands of miles apart. We had different languages, different culture and different religion. But when I saw your photo for the first time, some corner of my heart said you are our daughter. Strange this feeling may be, but it is true, and when you came to Itahari, and when I saw you in person for the first time, I said,' you are my daughter.' I didn't think you as my daughter's friend. Rahma ! I don't know what made me say that. May be it was Allah's blessing, may be it was God's blessing. Since then, my mind and soul say we have three children: two daughters and a son. I believe relationships are not mere coincidences but they are something made in heaven and are beyond the understanding of a common human being.

We spent so good time together with you for eighteen days. We ate meals together. We roamed around together and enjoyed life as it came to us. We clicked so many photographs. We locked memories in cameras, phones and computers. Memories become alive as we everyday we look at them. Your mamu and I talk a lot about you. We talk about your courage, your interests and adventures you take. And we are very proud of you, my dear daughter ! And proud of your parents who gave you such good education, courage, love and ethics. We have seen that the threads of love are much stronger and they can bind people with immortal relations. I believe when relation of love prevails, the boundaries of language, nation and religion disappear.

Rahma, there is never a single day which passes without us not remembering you. Whenever we get time, we open the folders in laptop where we have saved our photos. We take time to rejoice every moment we spent with you. The memorable trip to Maghe, our home; you putting on Sari and clicking photos with Neha. Then our visit to Bhedetar; you and Neha getting your faces painted. The hot cup of milk- coffee at Charles Point.

These memories enliven us every day. That's exactly how we live.

Thank you Rahma, for coming to our life as our second daughter. Thank you very much. Love you !

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  1. I can understand how you must feel at this time. You and I lived together, shared joys and discomforts together, talked hours on end on no particular subjects, walked and went on short trips, dreamed together, did literary studies and creative writings and translations together and all: did what two true friends with so many similar tastes do together.
    Your daughter Rahma is a stranger to me, still, but you have all the emotions attached to her as a loving father has I know. And your words reflect that clearly. Congratulations for giving words to your feelings.