Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Thank You Rimala !!!

Thank you Rimala for your unprecedented respect and support which you gave me during my tenure of principal in SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School Itahari. You are one of the most loved people to reside in my heart.

Although we worked together for long, more than two decades, I couldn't know you better than in the days of my principalship. We had interactions, for every detail of financing in the activities of the school. We worried together to save funds, to purchase the supplies, to make the best use of resources, to facilitate the staff, to make annual budgets and what not.

There are many unforgettable moments which I shared with you. I still remember the day, your face beaming with happiness when I was selected as a school leader. You congratulated me the way nobody other did. Then our meetings and interactions increased. I learned so many things of the financial part of the institution which was unknown to me till then. Thank you very much for sharing information on such matters, which you did with great enthusiasm.

Thank you very much for being my best friend. I vividly remember the day when a teacher shouted at you in your office. When I arrived in, both of you were in very bad temper and were shouting at each other. Later we (I and a friend about whom I will write later) tried our best to take the situation in control. You were upset so badly because you were at no fault and all of sudden it happened. It happens to everybody, dear friend when on gets shouting without any fault. It was my mistake not to discuss the matter with you beforehand. You came later to my office and asked for forgiveness. Thank you very much for showing respect and realizing that shouting in the presence of principal was kind of uncivilized act. Only the people with a great heart do this.

When I used to check the files of financial records and statements, it always filled me with pride and happiness that I have such perfect colleague in account section. I never found a single fault in your filing system, keeping records, and maintaining the accounts whether in a computer or in paper form. Everything was perfect, neat and clean and very systematic. Thank you very much for all that precision and accuracy.

You had a true heart of a learner. Whenever you found problems, especially with a computer and IT, you approached me for help. You wrote reports and approached me for correction. I did help you in a way I could, and you always thanked me in the end. Do you know Rimala, that only very few people have such attitude: coming and asking about things which are difficult to understand, with the utmost degree of politeness. Thank you very much for being a life long learner. You know, I am still learning and will continue to learn till my last breath and I have very strong conviction that you will do the same.

When you had a workload of things to do, you compromised everything and stayed long in the evenings, even up to nine. You had problems, there were family members waiting for you at home, there were kids waiting for momma to arrive home, there was loving husband waiting to receive wife; even then you stayed and did your duty. You never demanded extra pay, or overtime or any other facility. For you, your duty was your first priority. Thank you very much for sacrificing so many things for work. You are a precious asset to an organization. The organization should be very proud to have an employee like you.

As friends, we shared so many things. I always liked to sit in your office after the office hours to discuss a whole lot of matters. We had a range of subjects to discuss: improving the school, managing budgets, acquiring tenders, parenting children, health, fitness, society, and religion. Whatever we discussed, we did so with sen a e of respect to each other. We valued each other's opinions and learned a lot. Thank you very much for sharing everything.

These are some good memories good person like you have given me. Thank you very much for everything you did. And hope to be friends forever !!!!

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