Friday, February 2, 2018

Thank you Shalikram !!

Sun had made its way down the horizon when my cell phone rang. With approaching darkness, my mood was little gloomy. When I looked at the phone screen, I was not the least expecting the person to be on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise; Shalikram you were there on the line. You said, "Namaskar, just wanted to say hello when I was in the valley." Our conversation lasted a few minutes.  You were staying at your boys' in Kausaltar. You said that if the conditions favor, you'd see me in my office next day. I was delighted to hear that. I knew you'd do it when you think you should.
Next day you called me from New Baneswhor and I rushed to escort you to my office. We chatted for about ten minutes and you left. It was such a joy to chat you with so dear friend of mine, that too after so long period of time.

Thank you Shalikram for sparing few minutes of your precious time for a friend.

Right from the time you joined SOS, we became close friends. And, that closeness has remained till date. And, I don't think it will fade away in future. I vividly remember the day we had the meal at your house. You'd invited us to the morning meal. We all sat cross-legged on mats and started eating. The memory of delicious meal prepared by bhauju still fills my mouth with water. Especially, I remember the amount of Ghee I have taken that day.

Thank you Shalikram for inviting us to make us a part of your family.

It was around 2065BS, my house was under construction. At that very time, new members were being added to K.S.C. board as the shareholders. Actually, I wanted to get involved in that institution right from the beginning but circumstances evaded me badly then, and my misfortune this time too, the same happened. When I talked to you about the matter, you suggested so many ways to manage the funds. You even proposed me to help personally. It was me who couldn't dare because I was in debt.

Thank you Shalikram for being so close and giving a helping hand.

In 2014, Mr. Helmut Kutin, Honorary President of SOS KDI, visited Itahari. I was in the post of acting principal. You know the way we welcome dignitaries in SOS. Students were lined up along the road to welcome him. So did other co-workers. Class teachers were to stand behind the respective classes. As a leader, I requested all the class-teachers and other teachers to do the same. Lady teachers from primary section did the marvelous job. Among senior teachers, you were the only one who stood alone behind a row of your students. At that time, I wanted to hug you tightly and thank you from the core of my heart.

Thank you Shalikram for understanding plight of an administrator and act in the friendliest manner possible.

As a principal of the school I had to address plethora of problems; from cleanliness of the floor to contacting DEO; from supervising classes to sending reports to National Office; from dealing with problematic students to dealing with undutiful staff. Many times, my mood would go down. Every time I was down, you were there to offer me help and encourage me with your actions and words.

Thank You Shalikram for being a wonderful colleague to whom I will be indebted all my life.

I know you are like father to your younger brothers. You've spent so much of your resources to educate them and settle them in their spheres of life. In this selfish world, how the eldest brother does all this for three of his younger brothers. You are an exemplary human being for the society and a rare species of human being. I know God will always do you good. Because you've always done well. You've loved your parents, cared for them and obeyed them without conditions. You are a hero to your parents, to your brothers, for me, and of course for society you live in.

Thank you Shalikram for being so good son and so good brother.

Thank you for being my friend.


  1. Thank you for your wonderful words sir. Thank you so much. Proud to be your student, proud to be his son.

  2. Such wonderful words for a friend sir... so beautifully expressed gratitude and love.. Proud that I am your student... Salikram sir and Kumud sir...

  3. Nice appreciation of a friend!!