Friday, February 9, 2018

Thank You Panita !!!

Some years ago, in an informal chat Ramesh Father said, "Entry of Panita into SOS HGHSS is one of the best phenomenon for our organization. My kids of SOS CV have started living their childhood since then. And when she walks, it is as though a dancer is walking." I couldn't agree more. Indeed, children who dreaded to go to school had started pestering their parents to take them school early. My kids were unfortunate; they couldn't attend your classes because you arrived late for them. Whenever a crying little baby went to your arms, they found another caring mother. At home, they could've got few slaps, but at school, they received nothing but love and care. They found your class to be homelier than the home. You brought smiles to their faces. They lived their childhood to the fullest. As an early childhood teacher you weren't comparable to anyone and still, you are not.

Thank you Panita for being so passionate about kids, for letting them enjoy childhood. 

As a focal person of Child Rights in SOS, you were exemplary dealing with the rights of kids. You handled each and every case so efficiently that, as principal, I didn't have anything to do. You listened to the plight of victimized students, counseled them; and you did listen to the offenders and counseled them too. Your way of dealing with all these made you a perfect counselor.

Thank you Panita for listening to the children's woes and caressing their aching heart. 

When you were Pre-Primary Coordinator, the school management was fully satisfied with your work. You not only did what you were told to do, you always did something extra. You regularly reported the activities of the pre-primary section, shared the problems, and sometimes shared with me only when a particular problem was solved. You did nothing but work for the institution in your duty time. Your internal inspiration was worth envying.

Thank you Panita for being a perfect middle manager and leader.

When visitors enter your room, nursery, they become spellbound by the beauty of the room. Your artwork for number, letters, animals, plants and everything kids love is extraordinary. You keep your room always new and you know, it is a very difficult task to maintain room where kids come for the first time. You had to work all the time. Even then your face never showed signs of tiredness.

Thank you Panita for that extra-ordinary zeal and enthusiasm which you have in your heart.

You are an artist. You've melodious voice with all high and low notes is really mesmerizing. And when you dance or teach dance to kids, all your art pours over your students. Ramesh Father rightly said, "When Panita walks her walk looks like a dance." You are an amazing artist. Once I asked you to teach me dance when you were teaching "Shiva Tandava Stotra Dance" to kids. When I had a doubt about my ability, you said that if a person can walk with feet, there is no way he cannot learn dance. Now, I regret, why I didn't become your dance student?   
Thank you Panita for making art as a part of your life. An artist is always an inspiration to everyone, at least I think so.   

I never saw you sad; your face was never gloomy. I didn't see your tears,(except for one occasion when I too cried bitterly in my heart). A kind of aura of happiness emanates from your face, your body, your work and everything you do. I don't think the words 'worry' or 'sadness' have entries in your dictionary. Sometimes after the school, when you saw me down while I was in the office and you were teaching dance, you came to me, asked me not to worry and lifted my spirits.

Thank you Panita for possessing so much 'happiness' in you in spite of odds in your life, and spreading that happiness to all.

Thank you Panita for being my friend. Thank you !!!


  1. Sir your words speak your heart out..and Panita mam is wonderful, no doubt..

  2. Thank you so much Kumud Adhikari sir for your wonderful words. It means a lot for me. I am just an ordinary teacher but your feelings towards me has given more inspiration and enthusiam. I am blessed sir.You too are a very good,humble and creative person whom i respect so much and never forget in my life.

  3. Great write up for a great personality by great mind !