Saturday, September 19, 2020

Happy Birthday Dear Brother.

(Few words of thanks from the youngest to the eldest)

I do not exactly know how and where I met you in the past.

But the impression you’ve had on me was simply incredible. I saw you as a superb and talented human being. Your attire and style of speaking had a lasting effect on my heart.

I remember my first visit to Kathmandu in 1989. I was alone and a little bit nervous about the chaos in the streets of Kathmandu. I was told you live in Baneshwor and was dead confident that I will find your residence. When I wanted to get a vehicle in the then bus terminal, for Baneshwor, someone nearby asked me, “Which Baneshwor do you want to go? Old or New?”

I was taken aback by this information, and really didn’t know which Baneshwor you lived in. Intuitively I answered, “old” thinking if I do not find Bijaya Cold Store in old Baneshwor, I will go to the new one. Fortunately, I happened to find the Bijaya Cold Store in old Baneshwor. God was leading me the right way. 

When I reached your home, you welcomed me with an affectionate smile. The love and care which I got from you there, was beyond any comparison. I remember I picked up the phone for the first time in my life with a trembling hand and stammering voice. I was on the first floor and there was nobody to pick up the phone. So, I ventured the task and answered blah blah.. as I don’t exactly remember who the caller was.

Thank you dear brother for the grand welcome to the city of temples.

My second visit to Kathmandu was not that much difficult though as I was accompanied by the lady, whom I venerated the most, my step mother. I was as thin as bamboo and remained sick most of the time. I suffered from a type of illness or other. Sometimes I suffered from terrible stomach aches and sometimes fever and cold. Our destination was, no doubt, your home. You took me three or four specialists to get me checked. When all sorts of tests were carried out, and I didn’t have any kind of ailment, I was a little confused then. You counseled me so convincingly that I forgot I was sick. 

Thank you for taking trouble to visit all sorts of doctors without a trace of worry and showering brotherly love all the time.

As far as I remember, my third visit to Kathmandu was in 1994. I had recently got married then. Three of us lived in Dhulabari; and I was working as a teacher in Dhulabari High School. Circumstances were such that I got very little time to spend with my better-half. I was busy throughout the day and evenings were to be given to my step mother, sitting beside her and talking about something in her mother’s home. I longed to spend time with my wife and it seemed almost impossible. Then, one day I decided to leave Dhulabari and go to Kathmandu in search of a job. Luckily, I was given a position of a teacher in GEMS school. Then a series of events unfolded which devastated the plan I had, of living in Kathmandu with my wife and giving her the time she deserved. But shamelessly, three of us stayed in your home for a week. The whole week was spent in searching for an apartment where we could stay.

Throughout the week, we never felt we were away from home. When we shifted to the new apartment, I realized what kind of love you’d showered on us.

Thank your brother for the unconditional love you’ve given us. 

I know my father was a great Sanskrit scholar and intellectual of his time. But when it came to the practicalities of social life, he remained a bit indifferent. I remember you sitting in front of my father and suggesting he divide properties proportionately to all of his children. Your advice was unbiased and fair. If he had done according to your advice, nobody would have had  any complaints. But it didn’t happen the way you suggested. I do not blame him now, as he is already gone. After this too, on many occasions you advised my dad on these types of issues.

Thank you dear brother for the role of a true guardian. You did that because you unconditionally loved us as kinsmen.  

There are numerous occasions we have met in the course of time. And every time I met you, a wave of energy and positivism entered my mind. Your concern and care for everybody of us is certainly worth sharing to all.

Thank you dear brother for being the number one motivator in the family. And above all thank you for being a role model for all of us.

Happy birthday dear brother!!

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